Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Whistable: Coffee Bike

Whitstable is a very affluent town with some great independent shops and provides a thoroughly enjoyable spot for an afternoon of browsing and eating. With tummies full of chips, fizzy, doughnuts and coffee from The Forge, we had a lovely stroll along the sea wall admiring the ramshackled buildings, the boats on the beach, fishing boats in the harbour and the general hubbub of life by the sea.

Constructed in 1831, the tidal harbour is still a busy working harbour today. Used by the fishing and shellfish fleet, fresh off the boat fish can be bought from the stalls in the fish market. Not a fan of shellfish ourselves, it's still an experience to wander through seeing what's for sale and getting the smell of fish up your nostrils.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to test out coffee, we came across a coffee shop on a bike. Owned and run by Nick Chasteauneuf, this converted 1940's Dutch delivery bike offers espresso based coffees with a view.

Ordering my favourite coffee style, a flat white, the coffee machine sprang into action and Nick rustled up a good looking coffee for £2.20.

It was adorned with some lovely latte art but by the time I had walked down the beach and jiggled about a bit, it had blurred. However it tasted absolutely fantastic, velvety smooth and silky and I would say the best flat white I have ever had, sorry Brown's Coffee House and Loaf. The coffee beans used are from a micro roastery based in Canterbury called The Micro Roastery, an independent artisan coffee roaster where Nick is Roastmaster. They only use high quality 80+ Arabica's and roast in small 2 Kg batches to ensure quality and freshness and from my coffee experience I can give it the thumbs up.

This is the view from the coffee bike and sitting on the beach watching the boats and drinking my coffee was such a great way to spend half an hour.

The Verdict? Thumps Up!
Super duper coffee by a man who knows his stuff. Nothing amateur about it, you get fantastically smooth tasting coffee whilst being on the beach. The coffee beans come from a truly sustainable model that is The Micro Roastery, what more could you ask for.

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