Thursday, 20 March 2014

Appledore: Miss Mollet's High Class Tea Rooms

On the first sunny Saturday of March I took my mum off to explore West Kent as Ollie wasn't about. We ended up in Appledore, an old fashioned village on the northern edge of the Romney Marsh in Kent. As well as having a really good vintage/old junk shop that we rummaged around in for about an hour it also has Miss Mollet's High Class Tearooms.

First impressions are very good, it's jam packed inside with tea drinkers and so we sit outside on the wooden cream chairs. All the tables are clean and comfy and have the menu clipped to them. The ladies running the tearooms are very friendly and professional and acknowledge us as soon as we sit down. Perusing the menu in the glorious sunshine drinks are ordered while taking a moment longer to decide on what to eat.

Our drinks arrive promptly and all the teapots, crockery and cutlery is fantastically vintage and mismatched, even down to the vintage tea strainers for the loose leaf teas. After ordering our lunch of Welsh Rarebit for mum and smoked salmon cream cheese sandwiches for moi, a table inside comes free so we move on in. All tables are draped in lovely vintage linens, there is an array of vintage china on the other tables and the overall atmosphere is relaxing and friendly as we chat.

I sipped on my favourite tea choice, Pluckley loose leaf lemon and ginger which had lovely full bodied citrus overtones to it as well as having a cloudy lemonade. Mum had a coffee which she reported to be excellent, and being a coffee connoisseur that's high praise indeed! Too busy admiring our surroundings we forgot to ask what coffee they use. Oh well, we'll just have to go back again sometime!

Lunch arrived on beautiful vintage bone china plates and our chatting ceased as we tucked in. The smoked salmon sandwiches were very good, fresh homemade bread and just the right balance of cream cheese to salmon made them better than at Time For Tea. I can also report the Welsh Rarebit was delicious, actually more than that it was superb so much so I had food envy!

Whilst eating our way through lunch, we had chance to take in our surroundings. Nearly every wall, nook and cranny had something in it or on it but didn't make it feel cluttered, just cosy and interesting. Vintage china was on sale, as well as local preserves, tea cosies, baskets, tea strainers and such like. The wall behind us was full of paintings for sale by local artists and a range of Pluckely tea could also be bought.

During our visit there was a constant flow of customers, some even waiting outside until a table came free. We didn't feel at anytime rushed to free up our table for the waiting punters. Although the room is fairly small the level of chatter amoungst both tea drinkers and staff made it very comfortable to hold a conversation at normal volume without feeling self-conscious, unlike in La Salamandre.

The Verdict?
It was clear that this tearooms has a great reputation with both tourists and locals alike. The vintage china makes it quirky and old fashioned, and there is no better way to drink tea than from a gorgeous bone chine teacup. The food selection is very good quality and good value, it is all made in the little kitchen which you can see into at the back. Overall this is a fantastic tearooms which is a must visit, in a lovely village which we will definitely be coming back to.

26 The Street
TN26 2BX

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