Thursday, 30 January 2014

Canterbury: Brunch

A relatively new addition to Canterbury's main High Street, Brunch is a luxury city-center sandwich bar whose emphasis is on locally sourced ingredients. An independent father and daughter run business, this slate grey fronted shop was named in 2013 as one of the top 10 cheap places to eat in Canterbury by The Guardian.

Upon entering you are surrounded by lovely aroma of homemade soup and a visual feast of paninis, sandwiches and pastries. A popular stop off for shoppers, on first sight it does appear to have limited seating. Upstairs however is a pleasant surprise, opening out into a lovely chilled out space with a retro rustic feel.

Poppy red chairs clustered around tables made from pallets suit young professionals popping in for coffee who want to work on their laptop, or for a softer experience plonk yourself in the leather tub chairs dotted around tables made from recycled electric reels.

The standard range of espresso based coffees are on offer using single origin 'La Bastilla' beans from the mountains of Nicaragua. Also available is a good range of teas, both bags and loose leaf along with hot chocolate made with 32% cocoa.We tried a large latte (£2.70) and hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and a flake (£2.50), both drinks much superior than the high street chains with service being prompt and friendly.

 Tempted by the menu, we ordered lunch. One French Brie, British streaky bacon and caramelised onion chutney panini (£5.60) and a New Yorker pastrami, emmental and gherkin toasted sandwich (£5). Presented on paper napkin covered wooden boards, both were very delicious. It is slightly pricey, but you are paying for good quality ingredients and it is on par with the high street chains regards price.

The verdict?
Very enjoyable. When we're next on the high street and want a cup of coffee, we would head here. Friendly atmosphere coupled with cosy chairs and great decor makes this a relaxing spot on a busy day. Definitely worth a second visit to sample the tea and cake!

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