Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Canterbury: Brown's Coffee House

Brown's Coffee House, perched beside the River Stour, is tucked away from Canterbury's main high street down Water Lane. A favorite with those in the know, this coffee house offers sanctuary from the busy city and feels like you are being let in on a local secret.

A coffee house in the true sense, it serves coffee, tea pigs tea and a small selection of locally made cakes. As well as expresso based drinks, there are different coffee brew methods available - Aeropress, Chemex, V60 and Clever Dripper. Now don't be put off if you are unfamiliar with these, if you want a flat white just ask for one!

An hour or two could easily be spent here either on your own reading, or with friends chatting, sat on the stools looking out the window as the river flows by drinking great coffee.

We each sampled a flat white so as to keep it a level playing field, along with some fantastic Lemon Drizzle and Carrot Cake.

The Verdict? Thumbs Up!
Now we are by no means coffee geeks, but this coffee was really something. It might have helped that the atmosphere was relaxed and chilled out, the shop felt warm and cosy, there is a great selection of comfy seating and to top it off the staff are friendly. This is by far one of our most favourite coffee shops yet. 

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